Bring It On

Happy Thursday! Hope everyone is having a good week!

Ray and I have spent this week catching up on some good lifetime movies. Oh and working on our skincare. 😂 He is such a good sport!

Today I finally got a start date for my chemo. I’ll be having a port put in on Monday. Then I’ll begin chemo on Wednesday.

I’m so ready to start this. It’s been a crazy couple of months. But with all of your support it’s made this journey I’m on seem not too bad.

I don’t have much to say today. Just wanted to let you guys know I’ll be starting chemo next week. My goal is to finish chemo by Ray’s Birthday. Fingers crossed. And then hopefully take a trip to celebrate the hardest part being over. Mama’s definitely going to need a beach in her life soon.

Thanks for all the kind words and prayers. You guys are the best.

If you have any tips for chemo let me know. And if there is anyone out there about to go thru surgery let me know. I’d love to help you out.

Until next time.

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I was diagnosed with Stage IIIA Grade 2, HR/PR positive HER2 negative breast cancer at age 31. I am now NED!

17 thoughts on “Bring It On”

  1. If you have cold feet (literally, not figuratively), bring socks! And make friends while you’re sitting there having your chemo – you will be blessed, and you can BE a blessing, too!


    1. P.S. – You’ve got this!!! (and “bring it on” make me think you will need some pom-poms at some point)


  2. Socks are a great idea and if you have a small quilt, take that as well. Don’t know why it makes you cold but.. music also helps. You won’t be alone so be sure to chat, it helps. And finally it will be scarry, but you got this. You own it! As Lunchbox says (lord quoting lunchbox) one day at a time. Sending healing prayers from California.


  3. Surprisingly chemo is really relaxing, where I go they provide warm blankets and a meal. Some advice request a prescription for numbing cream for your port. You won’t be able to use it the first time bc of your port being placed, but I hear it’s a game changer and am looking forward to using it at my next round. (My turn around was similar port surgery on a Wednesday chemo started Friday). My second round of chemo is scheduled for the same day as your first round- when you walk out of there you will be in a state of shock that it went that quickly and that you are already one round down! Also will you be returning within 24 hrs for injection or will they place a nuelesta patch? I have some advice for that as well!!!


  4. Hi Bae! 18 year pediatric cancer survivor here! When I had chemotherapy in my teens (I’m 35 now) I was so scared. My family was starting this journey into a really scary world, but what we learned was there were people waiting to help us every step of the way. My advice, get the numbing cream for over your port. I had a very similar port and the numbing cream made it easier every time they had to put a line in. I remember choosing the port because of it’s ease, but what I wasn’t ready for was the pressure every time they accessed the port. Maybe it was my teenage self not wanting to the going through chemo, but still to this day, tissue and muscle where the port was located are sensitive to the touch. On, and I get asked of the scar from my port is a hickey at least once per month!

    I was reading @bobbybonesray comments on Insta and I was touched by your courage! Cancer will take over your life in many ways over the coming days, years and months, but always keep that fighting attitude. It’s a game changer!


    1. I’m so glad you are doing well now!!! And I definitely got the numbing cream. I wasn’t allowed to use it yesterday bc it was so soon after the port surgery. It wasn’t too bad but I’ll def use it next time!


  5. ;

    side effects, chemo info, etc / from your friendly oncology nurse 💪🏻😘

    Lots of info on what to expect from certain types of chemo,etc


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