The Breast Brunch Ever: Saying TATA Together!


We are taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to share a recap of our recent event in Nashville which Laura and I hosted with Making Strides Against Cancer.

What happens when 115 individuals who care about making a difference in the fight against breast cancer get together on a Saturday morning? You have the Breast Brunch Ever! You enjoy unbelievable food, crafty morning cocktails, lots of laughs and maybe even a few tears. And overall you join a community; a community of survivors, thrivers and advocates for the cause.


It was an honor to be able to host an event to raise awareness and bring together a community of amazing women who are banding together to fight breast cancer. The goal of the day was not only to build community and raise funds for the American Cancer Society, it was to share knowledge and experiences which make us stronger together. We want to say THANK YOU to all who attended and/or donated to the cause, together we raised $4612 for our Making Strides Team Tata to Cancer!


This event was birthed by our beloved Making Strides walk chairs Debbie Thomas and Mallory Martin when they reached out to Laura and I to host an event for young breast cancer survivors. Of course, we couldn’t start small. We wanted to host an event that y’all would want to come to which was not only to talk about cancer but was to have a little fun and a reason to dress up! That is when planning this brunch became a labor of love. Together with our friends in the breast cancer community: Jocelyn Limmer and Jarrah Paschall we landed a space at Alfred Williams and a LOT of fun ideas. We were even lucky enough to have local businesses donate to the cause and support our idea to build our special #PimpinJoy bag (courtesy of The Shop Forward) of goodies and a few fun giveaways. We cannot thank all of the donors enough as the event would not have been the same without these items to remember it by. And we cannot forget one of our main events, Austin from Winkie Lux, who made so many women feel beautiful as they had a makeup application or went home with some fun new products. A special thanks to all of our sponsors and donors who are listed below.


In the end, the highlight of our day was the amazing panel of guests which really did make it the “Breast Brunch”. Dr. Jacob Unger, Dr. Habib Doss, Jarrah Paschall and Amanda Cortese- THANK YOU!   Dr. Unger and Dr. Doss donated their time and their knowledge to this event and openly shared advice and information which will help us individually and to help others. A fellow survivor said it best today when she told me it was great to have a conversation with a Doctor with clothes on rather than sitting naked in a gown…maybe there is something to be said for this approach! Jarrah shared with us how important it is to care for yourself during and after treatment by giving us some highlights of how she coaches women to health through her company Wellness Warrior. And Amanda…this woman is a rock star! Amanda’s story is one of true grit and courage and she so openly shared with us how she is a thriver and has faced her Stage 4 diagnosis with positivity and determination to beat it. All of our speakers taught us something new and gave us a different perspective on this disease which we all want to beat.


While I cannot come close to describing how this event made us feel, we can merely say Thank You and hope that you know how we will cherish your presence and support of this cause which is so near and dear to our hearts.

Finally, a special thanks to our friends, family and the ACS volunteers who helped us make this happen!

If you would like to walk with us or donate to say Tata to Cancer, click here to help us in Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.


TATA to Cancer shirts are available at or by clicking here.


Thank you to all of our sponsors and donors!

Space provided by Alfred Williams, thanks to Ted Limmer.

Food and drinks provided by Answer. With drinks curated by Kayla Sigountos.

The Shop Forward

Dr. Jacob Unger


Survivor Fitness

Trisha Yearwood

Winkie Lux

Camp Gladiator

Poppy and Monroe

City Winery

Here are some other fun pictures from the event.


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I was diagnosed with Stage IIIA Grade 2, HR/PR positive HER2 negative breast cancer at age 31. I am now NED!

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