Life Update…4 years Later

Wow. Feels so weird coming back on here to write an update. I cannot believe it’s been over 4 years since my diagnosis. But God is good. And here we are.

First, I would like to let you guys know that all of my follow ups have gone really well. Bloodwork has been great and I am finally feeling more like myself than ever before.

The only downside is that I have a monthly zoladex shot that is NOT fun. It’s huge. Just google what it looks like and you will see one of the reasons I’ve decided to take a step in my life to stop them. My cancer was extremely hormone related. So for 4 years I have suppressed my ovaries every single month and I take a hormone blocker (Letrozol) daily. To get my monthly shot, I have to go into the same treatment room area where I use to sit and get chemo. I see amazing people going through cancer and I pray for them each time I’m waiting on my shot. To say it doesn’t give me a little ptsd would be a lie. Sometimes the nurses try to get me to go sit in the chemo chair after vitals and I have to tell them I’m not getting chemo. But even that little sentence “pick your chair” makes my heart sink.

So… after MUCH thought, prayer, convos with my husband, family, friends, and God, I have decided to have a hysterectomy. I will never carry a child. It’s not safe for me to carry given hormones are extremely heightened during pregnancy. Yes it is a little emotional but to be completely honest, I’m so happy with my decision. I was able to cancel the rest of my shots coming up. I will now only see my oncologist twice a year as opposed to going in that building 12 times a year. I literally cried getting off the phone after cancelling my shots.

So that is the big update. I will be having surgery September 9th. They will be doing a full hysterectomy surgery. So please keep me in your prayers. I’m so happy to be taking this step but also nervous as heck.

My hubby is sleeping beside me right now (yes at 6pm haha) and I just want to give him a big ole hug. He has been amazing and has assured me the 1000 times I’ve asked him, “are you sure you’re ok with this?”. I’m a lucky lady.

Unfortunately, life after cancer isn’t always easy. It’s hard. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally… Hug those you love. Make that phone call to someone if you have them on your mind. And please also keep my friends Lesly and Amanda in your prayers. I feel silly even writing this blog when I know the things they, and others, face daily are 1000 times harder than a hysterectomy. I love you ladies with all my heart.

So… until next time. I’ll leave you with this.

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I was diagnosed with Stage IIIA Grade 2, HR/PR positive HER2 negative breast cancer at age 31. I am now NED!

14 thoughts on “Life Update…4 years Later”

  1. I hate this for you. I, too, am a cancer survivor. You have to do what’s best for you and that is the important thing


  2. I’m so happy to hear you are doing well. I will hit my 5 year mark on Sept 1st this year. You are so right that life after cancer isn’t always easy. I still have my bad days. Prayers for you that all goes well with your surgery.


  3. Your such an inspiration ❤️ I too had Harmony positive Stage 2 Breast Cancer and just in April was able to stop one of the meds I have been on for 5 yrs!! Prayers for you ! Your such a strong person 🥰 keep fighting ♥️


  4. I’m keeping you in my thoughts and prayers 🙌❤️
    Will you be able to freeze some eggs if you ever want a baby via a surrogate in the future?
    Ray is a keeper ❤️
    May the surgery go well and the healing process be quick ((((hugs))))


  5. Girl thank you for sharing this. I’m 34 and was diagnosed with stage 2 hormone positive breast cancer in February. I’ve had three surgeries so far (Unilateral mastectomy, then had to go back in to clear the margins and do a lymph node dissection, then a removal of the tissue expander due to infection.) And I too plan on having a hysterectomy to avoid having to have the Zoladex shot for 10 years. I admire your strength and thank you for sharing!!!! Keep us posted on how you feel post surgery! Wishing you the very best. Xoxoxox


  6. I often think about doing this as well. I was diagnosed June 1st 2021. May I ask what percentage your hormone receptors were? I was only 30% for both ER and PR.


  7. Will keep you in my prayers! Your strength and honesty are inspirational to many of us going through the breast cancer journey. Thank you for sharing! You are a precious gem!


  8. Hi Laura
    I had my hysterectomy 10 months ago after constant cancer scares. I was 37 and had no children. The physical healing was not bad. I really only needed help the first two weeks and then I felt great. For me it was the mental/emotional part of it that didn’t actually sink in until after my surgery. I was already in process of adopting through my state and got the phone call that I had been matched after almost 2 years! This was literally week 3 of my post op. Changed everything! Now I have a spunky little four year old (not yet adopted) and I’ve never been happier! I wish the best for you and Ray.


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