Tomorrow I’ll Be Cancer Free

Today has been easier than I thought it would be. Yes I cried a few times. BUT as soon as I did start feeling bad about myself, I would remember that tomorrow is going to be a GOOD day. I will be cancer free by the end of tomorrow! This is so much more important that any bad feelings I may have about losing my breasts. Tits been real! But ya gotta go.

I think the most nervous thing is the unknown. How bad is the pain going to be? Is there any cancer in the other breast? Will my lymph nodes show cancer invasion? Will they be able to put the tissue expanders above the muscle?

I’m ready though. Cancer ya got to go! Ready as I can be for what these next few days/weeks may bring. Until then I’ll leave you with my quote for tomorrow.


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I was diagnosed with Stage IIIA Grade 2, HR/PR positive HER2 negative breast cancer at age 31. I am now NED!

2 thoughts on “Tomorrow I’ll Be Cancer Free”

  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I am scared of doctors and have been for years. You put things in perspective. Good luck, you got this. Sending prayers your way!


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