Good Doctor Update

Yesterday was one week post surgery. It was also one week post washing my hair. SO my mom took me to get my hair washed. It was the first time I had been out of the house since the day after surgery. It’s amazing what some fresh air can do.

It was a Monday and the quickest place we figured we could get in was Wallyworld aka Walmart. Can’t say I’ve ever gotten my hair did at Walmart before. But hey it was $2.95 so SCORE. The lady didn’t have time to dry it. So not score. When we got home my mom dried it and I felt like a new person. Or maybe more like my old self. Either way it helped.

I spent the rest of the day walking around a lot. Until I basically crashed. I slept better last night than I have in a week.

Then today I woke up, took a bath, put makeup on, and straightened my hair. I was finally back to myself. Sorta.

At my appointment with the Good Doctor I was informed that they could only remove one drain. Wah wah. The nurse had me take three deep breaths and on the third breath she removed my drain. It burned a tiny bit but was SO worth it.

After that Dr Unger aka the Good Doctor came in and said everything looked great. He said because of how many lymph nodes they took out I will have to have more fat inserted in my chest by my arm. Free lipo? I’m down! Basically it won’t be a one and done surgery when he replaces the tissue expander with the silicone implant. He also said he put way more saline in than he thought he would be able to. This means I won’t have to have but 2 or 3 fills. Which is amazing!

So hopefully Friday I will get the rest of the drains out.

Tomorrow I go to see my Breast doctor to find out pathology reports. This will tell me if more than that one lymph node shows cancer. Praying hard for no other nodes showing cancer. If so that will maybe mean chemo and radiation. Which I am praying I will not need.

I’m typing this out at my own apartment. My mom had Ray pick me up from the doctor and take me to my apartment so I could see my cat Scully. Yes I’m a cat lady. And these last few days I’ve been missing him like crazy.

My heart is so happy right now!

It’s been a good couple of days. I love reading you guys sweet words. I’m very grateful to have so much support.

Speaking of support I have had quite a few people reach out to me that are going thru a similar process. Or know someone who is. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. That is why I started this in the first place. I’ll help in anyway I can.

Until tomorrow….

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I was diagnosed with Stage IIIA Grade 2, HR/PR positive HER2 negative breast cancer at age 31. I am now NED!

19 thoughts on “Good Doctor Update”

  1. It is great to see you and Ray looking so happy. Glad to hear your doctors visit went well today. I bet Scully was so ecstatic to see you too. Love you out and Ray to the moon.


  2. Was awesome seeing you today at the office. We miss you so much! Doc and Tripp send their best wishes to you and Scully. I remember when I walked in the house after 16 days in hospital. Tripp stopped and stared at me like “Am I dreaming?? Is it really her??” They can be so touching and sweet….when they aren’t driving you nuts, lol! See you soon!!


  3. Such s great update. Thank you for sharing your story. You are an inspiration to many and your attitude is amazing. Positive vibes for a strong recovery.


  4. You look beautiful! It was a good day. Fight the fight, one day at a time and your cat..cute as can be. You got this!!


  5. Girl you got this! I had prophylactic mastectomy at 25, almost 2 years ago after finding out I’m BRCA positive. Those drains are terrible! Writing about the whole process was so therapeutic!


  6. Looking amazing Laura!
    Praying that pathology results are good news!
    Keeping you in my thoughts πŸ’—
    (Darn Austin-TX loud storms won’t let me sleep!)


  7. Laura, This is all good news. We are all sending prayers and watching your progress. I know your cat was so happy to see you. Charlie McCoy


  8. Laura, the BTeam is sending thoughts and prayers for you. The strength you show is impressive and we are inspired by your fight. Keep going strong.


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