Heart is Full

There is not too much to update today. My drains are seeming to produce less fluid which is really good! My pain has been about a level 8 which is not so good. When the surgeon made his incision he did it under the Breast. This will be amazing for the cosmetic part. But it makes wearing the bras provided hard. The bras are tight especially on the incision site. The pain medicine helps make it manageable for the most part.

Ok enough whining! 🙂

Really I’m just writing today to say THANK YOU. I started this blog to help others who may be going though a similar process. And to bring awareness to younger women. I never once thought how this can help me so much. The amount of prayers and kind words have been overwhelming. I really can’t even put it into words. I try to respond to most of you but if I don’t please know your words have not gone unnoticed. I am so very lucky to be cared about so much. I am not taking that for granted.

I’ve spoken to SO many women who have told me that they are scheduling appointments to be checked. If just one person did this than I would feel like I’m making a difference. But not just one person has said this to me. MANY have. I am here for each and everyone of you going thru this. Also if you have a friend or partner going thru this feel free to reach out. I’m here to help in anyway I can.

Also I realized I hadn’t put a picture of one of my “rocks” on here. This guy is the best. He gives me foot rubs and belly laughs. And he doesn’t complain TOO much about all the girlie shows I’m making him watch. 😉

Hopefully I’ll have something of substance to update you guys on next. Until then….

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I was diagnosed with Stage IIIA Grade 2, HR/PR positive HER2 negative breast cancer at age 31. I am now NED!

19 thoughts on “Heart is Full”

  1. Stay strong! You’ve got it! Wrapping your body with a roll of gauze really helps with the sexy surgical bra rubbing on your incisions. I experienced the same pain and discomfort in the beginning and experimented for relief. (Also, wrapping your mid-section with Press and Seal helps with a more “proper shower”. Hahaha…) This too will pass!


  2. Although they want the bra tight for healing reasons, but a wider band does help. I used an ace bandage to wrap, it was thicker. You got this!!


  3. Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story! It will help you and others! You are so brave for sharing something so scary and emotional! I’m a nurse and I’ve seen all sides of this journey. I stumbled upon your story after I saw your post shared on the pimpinjoy IG! These are hard days, but you are stronger!!! You are loved and supported and a rockstar! 💜


  4. Praying for you!! It sounds like you have an amazing support system and a positive attitude! I’m 33 and two of my older coworkers were diagnosed this year. Both had a lumpectomy and then radiation. I guess seeing them go through it, and with them being older, It never even crossed my mind to be concerned with my own health. I’m so glad you’re so brave and are sharing your journey. Reading your posts has encouraged me to get checked (and pick up cancer insurance on my policy). Cancer really doesn’t discriminate based on age. I’m sorry that you’re having to go through this.


  5. I had cancer, thyroid, not as scary as yours, but I’m here for support ❤
    It’s scary, I went through a little clinical depression after surgery and the Dr said that it was very normal to go through it, your mind is mad at your body kind of thing…it let you down and you grieve a little or a lot, until your hormones get to the right level 😊
    I hope all your healing stages go by quickly, you’ll be in my prayers 🙏💖


  6. Oh the post surgery “massages” and drain checks are the worst! The good part is they are temporary and will be out within 10-14 days! I dreaded those checks! Ask for abdomen pads at your next visit- stuff your surgical vest (it certainly doesn’t get the credit for being a bra!) they will help with comfort- I still use them daily!

    Also check out this blog post, her bra recommendations are great, my doctor allowed me to switch from the surgical “vest” to a sports bra around week 2 and I can wear a real bra (without compression) around week 4 (one week and one day away, but who is counting)!



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